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Terms of use for a Global Rohde & Schwarz Information System (GLORIS) extranet account

Rohde & Schwarz reserves the right not to accept disposable e-mail addresses from mailinator or similar services. The GLORIS rights of use are not transferable.

GLORIS extranet users can change their data. If you want to deactive or delete your account please send an email to, the support team will delete your data from all extranet related systems.

Users are obliged to update the data they provided when creating the GLORIS account when it becomes incorrect due to changes (employment, function, etc). The GLORIS account password may not be passed on and must be protected against access by third parties.

All GLORIS content is company confidential (unless explicitly marked as public) and may not be passed on to third parties.

In the event of misuse of the GLORIS account or failure to comply with these rules, Rohde & Schwarz reserves the right to immediately delete the account and, where necessary, initiate legal proceedings.

The Rohde & Schwarz Statement of Privacy applies to all aspects of data protection.