Statement of Privacy / Data Protection

The companies of the ROHDE & SCHWARZ group (hereinafter referred to as "Rohde & Schwarz") are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of your data. This Statement informs you on how Rohde & Schwarz handles your data after it is collected on Rohde & Schwarz websites and how this data is processed. We also want to explain how you can influence the collection and use of your personal information.

If you pass personal data on to us, you can always rely on this information being used exclusively to maintain your business relationship with Rohde & Schwarz, or in one of the ways set out in this Statement.

1. Collection, use and processing of data

1.1 Information on the use of all websites

When you visit any Rohde & Schwarz website, the information transmitted by your Internet provider, such as the domains from which you are accessing the Rohde & Schwarz websites, your IP address, the operating system, date and time, browser type, language and configurations, hyperlinks followed within Rohde & Schwarz websites and your movements on these websites, is collected automatically and as standard in order to enable the technical operation of the websites.

1.2 Exclusive use of the publicly accessible area

You can visit the publicly accessible Rohde & Schwarz websites without revealing any personal data. For statistical purposes, the information listed in 1.1 is analyzed in a manner that does not allow Rohde & Schwarz to identify you as an individual. In order to ensure this, the IP address and other characteristics that we could use to identify you are removed during analysis. This anonymous information is analyzed at an aggregate level and only used to help Rohde & Schwarz understand trends and patterns and improve its websites. Additional data is only collected if you explicitly and voluntarily provide this information on Rohde & Schwarz websites (e.g. when signing up for a newsletter or completing a form). Conclusions can also be drawn as to your identity if you are registered in GLORIS. For more information, see Cookies.

1.3 Use of websites that allow you to register

1.3.1 Users of GLORIS (Rohde & Schwarz B2B portal)

In order to register in GLORIS, you have to provide personal data such as your title, first name and surname, address, email address, telephone or fax number and company name. We need this data to make the necessary contact information available in the relevant service and support applications and, in particular, to see whether or not someone is authorized to access certain restricted-access areas of our website (user authentication).

1.3.2 Use of webstores

As a general rule, the Rohde & Schwarz webstores can be visited without personal data being entered or saved. If, however, you wish to set up a customer account, request a quotation or place an order, then you will have to register, specifying personal data such as your title, first name, surname, company name, address, telephone number and email address. You also have to provide a VAT identification number if you want to place an order. Rohde & Schwarz does not collect payment data. Depending on the type of payment you select, however, this data may be collected by the payment service provider.

1.3.3 Use of the job portal

If you wish to use our websites to apply for a job at Rohde & Schwarz, you will have to enter certain personal data. This data is used for the technical administration of the websites, but only to the extent that is absolutely necessary. If you send us an unsolicited application via our careers portal, your data can be accessed by managers who have positions to fill or by HR contact persons. If you are apply for a job that is advertised, your data will only be processed for the purposes of an application for this specific position and will be deleted six months after the position is filled. For more information, please read the data protection information on

1.4 Use and processing

Rohde & Schwarz (and, where appropriate, its service providers) will only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes or for as long as we have to in order to fulfill our statutory obligations. Your data will be used exclusively for the business relationship with you or for other purposes that have been agreed on the Rohde & Schwarz websites or otherwise. Rohde & Schwarz will provide its service providers only with such data as they need to perform their services. If your consent is required for the use of the data for purposes other than those set out above, the data will only be used with your prior consent.

2 Disclosure of data to service providers

The personal data that has been received from you and saved will not be sold by Rohde & Schwarz to third parties. It may, however, be necessary to disclose your personal data to Rohde & Schwarz service providers for business purposes, so that they can provide services for Rohde & Schwarz. This includes, for example, answering your questions on products or services, processing registrations for events, handling orders, and personalizing the Rohde & Schwarz websites in line with your preferences (see also Creation of user profiles). Rohde & Schwarz obliges all service providers to adhere to the applicable data protection provisions. Rohde & Schwarz has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures, such as using encryption for data transmission, in order to keep your data secure, current and complete and to protect it from unauthorized access by third parties.

3 Cookies

Rohde & Schwarz uses various technologies to collect information when its websites are used, in particular cookies. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, and which may then be stored on your computer system. For the technical operation of the websites, Rohde & Schwarz uses required cookies, which serve to maintain the fundamental functions and to operate the website, but do not contain any personal information. The cookies required for technical purposes are not merged with any of the personal data you have made available. In addition – but only with your explicit consent – Rohde & Schwarz uses tracking cookies. These cookies are used to improve the service offerings, to personalize the design of the Rohde & Schwarz websites and to optimize the website's functions by analyzing how it is used. If you enter personal data in a form, for example, this data can be saved in a cookie so that you do not have to enter the data again every time. If you register in GLORIS, a cookie containing your title, first name, surname and email address may also be used. This allows your data to be used for other Rohde & Schwarz websites as well, meaning that you do not have to enter the data again every time. You have the option of controlling the storage of tracking cookies directly and specifically for Rohde & Schwarz websites. By using a corresponding setting, you can decide for yourself whether tracking cookies are saved or not. Remember, however, that certain functions may no longer be available if you decide not to allow cookies to be saved. In addition, you can set up your browser in such a way that it notifies you whenever it receives a cookie or that no cookies are saved. For more information, please use your browser's help function.

4 Creation of user profiles

In order to optimize the Rohde & Schwarz websites and adapt their design to customer needs, pseudonymized user data is collected, saved at aggregate level and used to create user profiles based on pseudonyms. Rohde & Schwarz uses the following tracking and analysis technologies made available by third-party providers. All of these technologies use cookies. These cookies are only used if you have given your consent. The third-party providers use this information on behalf of Rohde & Schwarz to anonymously analyze how you use the Rohde & Schwarz websites, to compile reports on your activities on the websites and to offer additional services to Rohde & Schwarz relating to website use. This involves recording and analyzing your visits to these Rohde & Schwarz websites. The process also involves recording and analyzing when you bought which products in the Rohde & Schwarz webstores. Rohde & Schwarz also records which functions you used on the websites and how you used them. For this purpose, Rohde & Schwarz links the data collected using the technologies below with your user account if you have logged on to the website using your login data. Rohde & Schwarz uses the above-mentioned data in order to analyze how you use the websites

• to better understand how you use these websites,

• to provide you with content and offers that may be of interest to you, and

• to improve its own products and services.

The IP address transmitted by your browser in connection with the technologies set out below is not merged with other data from the following third-party providers. The data collected by the third-party providers is collected in a pseudonymized user profile and is linked to your user account if you have logged on to the website using your login data. For GLORIS users, cryptographic hash values are used as pseudonymous identifiers. If, however, you have consented to the storage of tracking cookies, these identifiers can be merged with your personal data and information on your behavior on publicly accessible sites. This allows us to get an overview of your use of the websites so that we can personalize our sites to suit your specific needs or offer you customer-specific content in GLORIS. Profiles are, however, only set up with your prior approval. You can give your approval when you consent to the storage of tracking cookies. If you want to object to this form of data processing, i.e. to user profiles being set up, with effect for the future, you can change your cookie settings accordingly.

5 Newsletters

You can subscribe to various newsletters at several locations on the Rohde & Schwarz websites. You will only receive these newsletters if you have given your explicit consent. In some newsletters, we use web beacons to analyze how effective the newsletters are. The information collected in this way is used for statistical analysis. It is only merged with your personal data if your attention was drawn to this fact when you subscribed; in such cases, we use either our own technology or the technology offered by Tripicchio AG, Engesserstrasse 4a, 79108 Freiburg, Germany. You can, of course, unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. In order to do so, use the unsubscribe link in the email or, for the GLORIS newsletter, change your profile settings accordingly after login.

6 Information on, change and deletion of data

You can view the personal data you have entered on Rohde & Schwarz websites and have it corrected or deleted at any time. You have also the right to object to the continued use of this data and to revoke the consent you have given us.

To do so, simply send an email to the webmaster (

If you have a GLORIS account, you can view and correct the data directly via your profile. To delete data, send an email to Customer Support (

7 Links to third-party websites

The Rohde & Schwarz websites may contain links to other websites. If you follow these links, you will leave the Rohde & Schwarz websites and also the scope of validity of this Statement of privacy, which does not cover such other websites. Rohde & Schwarz cannot assume any responsibility whatsoever, neither for the privacy policy nor the content of these other websites.

8 Amendments to the Statement of privacy

Rohde & Schwarz reserves the right to change this Statement at any time. We would therefore ask that you check the Statement of privacy at regular intervals. In the case of major changes or amendments, you will be informed here or in a notice posted on our homepage.

Once you are registered at Rohde & Schwarz, you may wish to check, correct or delete your personal data that has been collected via the Rohde & Schwarz websites and processed at Rohde & Schwarz, or to request that the information no longer be used.

The Rohde & Schwarz websites may contain links to other websites. This statement of privacy does not cover these other websites and Rohde & Schwarz cannot assume any responsibility whatsoever, neither for the privacy practices nor the content of these other websites.