Rohde & Schwarz Secure File Transfer

The SFT-service is for secure file exchange with Rohde & Schwarz employees. Find it at Gloris section Support&Services > Downloads > Secure File Transfer. You may have received a direct link from a Rohde & Schwarz employee.

You have access to folders that have been shared with you. Depending on your access rights you can download and/or upload data to these folders. If you want to share data with an R&S employee, please get in contact with your contact person or R&S Customer Support.


In addition to the web access, data transfer is also possible via the SFTP, FTPS and WebDav protocols with an appropriate client application. Usually you can use standard configuration. Just pay attention to use passive ftp mode.

Server address:

User name:

your email address


your GLORIS password



Here are some examples for common used client programs

Filezilla (FTPS)




Windows Explorer (WebDav)

How to map a network drive in Windows Explorer

1. Click Computer -> Map Network drive


2. Select a drive letter and enter '’ as the Folder,
Check 'Connect using different credentials'


3. Enter your Email address and password



4. The connection is available via drive letter